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Welcome to Harry's Minimalist Page.

Strange though it may seem, it's taken me this long to figure out just what it is that I'm going to put here. Even now, I'm not sure what's going on. I may change this yet again. In the interim, however, I've decided that since this is my page, it should be all about ME. (Who'da thunk it?)

In that vein, I've decided not to take the easy route. Oh, yeah, I COULD use the same old tired method of exposing myself. (?) I could simply go on about myself in cutesy little sections entitled "About Me" and "Pics!" and "What I Found in My Body Cavities Today". (!)

But no! I've decided that I'm FAR too different to allow myself to be pigeonholed so easily! Instead, I'll create some funky pages and let the individual web-surfer come to his or her own conclusions.

To that end: I've decided to tell the truth in everything here, as I see it.

At this point, the site is NOT going to be image-intensive. (In other words, not many pictures.) I now, after all these years, have a scanner. What I lack no is pictures. That notwithstanding, I think a trip to my site will still offer much to any who take the time to traverse the bounds of good taste, and in some cases, good sense.

All that having been said...

On with the show!!!

First, a look at my job - the positives, the negatives, why I keep doing it...the usual.

Next, a story about the love of my life- and the best year of my life.

Note: For the Truly Lazy!

A look at me, and my personality in list format. Even this is not really boring, although it IS the easy way out, which most drum corps types will advise is morally reprehensible. There's also a photograph of me on this page.

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