Hopefully, next time you stop by for a visit, this place will be loaded with all kinds of interesting and useful information.
Right now, a brief intro will have to suffice.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At 23 years of age, my entire world is in a perpetual state of transition...
i wouldn't have it any other way... that is, at least,...
for the time being.

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Robert and i live in the kewlest city in the world: Missoula, Montana where we attend The RJFpoem University of Montana. Our non-virtual home is a bedroom in an upstairs apartment we share with two groovy lesbians. We have a garden (in the summer, of course) and share meals together (all year long!). Despite its rustic reputation, Missoula c'est une ville moderne -- one that is environmentally-cognizant and enlightened of diversity. It's home.

There's a whole lot more i could tell you. There's probably more still that you would like to know (and could maybe research yourself if you knew where to look).

As for the present, please write down my new geocities address (use permanent ink):

3072 WestHollywood

and visit here anytime.