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The Ultimate Build Your Own Cow Page!!!

This cow gets scary!!!!

If you find bubblewrap addictive, you'll like this (though you don't get to pop the stuff yourself):

It makes a little pop each time, but not enough to scare the cat.
If you like this, you can find the html at

For those who are into games and contests, I recommend these sites: This website has all those favorite games that you like to play on your computer: Solitaire, Memory, Slots, and many others, except that you can earn points towards prizes, even money! It used to be, but merged with several other game .coms (,,, and VirtualVegas) to provide more games and prizes!

For all those women out there:

Did you know that tampons, even those said to be made of natural fibers, can come into contact with synthetic fertilizers,pesticides, and other harmful chemicals? Or that those made of synthetic can contain dioxin, which is a known carcinogen. Also, since we put tampons where the tissue is most absorbent, that we are more at risk from such harmful chemicals?
Want to know more?
Go to for more information. They have links to many sites, even government ones!