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Fiddlersgreen is a wonderous place where many worlds meet and none collide. This page is an eclectic collection of links that reflect the wide range of my interests.

Fiddlersgreen is all of the following:

The Tavern at Fiddlersgreen: A Magical Place on IRC

Cool Sites that just can't be catagorized or stuffed in a box: Seeing is believing

Culinary Heaven: Sites & recipes from around the World

Current Middle Ages: Links to the Society for Creative Anachronism

Earth Page Links about responsible cohabitation with our environment

Internet Tools & Programs: Idiot tested and Kai approved!

MedLink: Nursing, Pharmaceutical & Alternative Medicine sites

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Links: to Babylon 5, StarTrek, Xena & some real places too!

Textiles: Spinning, Weaving, Cross-stitch, & other textile related links

Worldview: Interesting perspectives & philosophies about our Reality

Click here for some words of ..."Wisdom?"

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As with most pages, this one is eternally under construction. If you know of any links related to the ones here, feel free to e-mail me. If you see errors, or if anything is unreadable or obnoxious, please let me know.

This page was made possible with a little help from my friends, the wonderful people at Geocities, and the Links to all those wonderful & educational pages out there.

This page is not meant to sell anything, nor are my links advertisement or endorsement for any product, service or philosophy. Everything within this page is my own opinion and in no way reflects upon GeoCities or any entity with links on my page. These pages are for informational purposes only.

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