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I have a young wife and two younger daughters. I'm looking for an exciting career in marketing in Silicon Valley. I drove here from Chicago in '89 to join Big Blue in south San Jose. Our USTA tennis team made it to nationals a few years back; we beat the SoCal and Eastern Seaboard teams, but we couldn't take the Palm Springs heat and lost to the Caribbean team on a scorching afternoon.

I also played for the Williard Wonkas back at NU, who took him the intermural indoor soccer title. We had a close call with the Latin Americans in the semifinals, but we won on penalty kicks after a double overtime.

I'm trying to put my songwriting career back on track. My biggest hit was "Work Camp Blues", which got a standing ovation from a high school crowd. "Bata at Maligaya", performed at our wedding, also drew critical acclaim.

Send e-mail and job offers to Dan . I look forward to hearing from you.

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