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Dave's favorite Dance Halls near Ft. Lauderdale:

Round Up - Very Large dance. I've been told it can get crowded and it took a lot of the dancers away from Davie Junction.(Used to be City Streets).
9020 West State Road 84
Davie, FL 33324
Telephone: 954-423-1990
Fax: 954-423-6992

Open: WED-SUN 5 pm-4 am.
Getting There: Located on the SW corner of Pine Island Road and I-595 in the Pine Island Plaza (It used to be city Streets).

Cafe Iguana - AT one time I had heard that Stella was teaching line dancing here on Sunday Nights. It is located at the SW corner of University and Pines Blvd. In Pembroke Pines. Also see Stella's Page

Tamarac Parks and recreation Dept. - Thursday w/Stella (Call First)
7501 N University Dr.
Tamarac, Fl 33321 (954) 724-2445
beginner line dance class 6:30pm
intermediate/advanced line dance class 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Sunny's Sardust Lounge - It is in downtown Ft. Lauderdale on Powerline just north of Commercial (across the street from Mars Music). The floor is in poor condition but the dance floor is usually not that crowded. Has a house band or a Juke box. It has a "For Sale" sign up in front.

Other Events (some not too local) and contacts.
Windy Gale Entertainment 4950 NW 86 Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl (954) 747-0900...wndygl@Aol.com

James Gregory and Jean Garr (JG2) (919) 779-1044

Dance Connection (513) 754-1070 or (954) 584-5554
e-mail www.danceconnection.org

Contact Stella for her Weekley Dance Classes:
(305) 949-3410, beeper (305) 363-2872
FAX (305) 945-5464, e-mail Cabeca32@Aol.com

The Graveyard

Hillbilly Rock Cafe - Opened in December 1996. Closed April 1999. reopened as Alligator Alley but they don't usually play country and they removed half of the large dance floor. (See above). 954-742-8508. Here are some pictures. Se also Hillbilly Rock Cafe

Alligator Alley - This was the re-opened Hillbilly Rock Cafe. It was a Blues/Jazz.Rock club but on Wednesday night they had some country line dancing. It closed December 2000. Re-opened as Conga's (Latin Nightclub).
NW Corner of University and Sunrise. 742-MUSIC

The Italian American Club - Used to have line dancing Friday Night from 7:30 - to 11:30 w/Stella. See Dancin-Boots web site; e-mail www.dancinboots.com or linedance@dancin-boots

Western Star - It closed November 1998. It was a small friendly place with fun dance instructors. Located in Margate.

Pure Country - It's been closed since September 1996. The instructors there were great. Located in Sunrise.

Country Nights - It is in Palm Beach County 45 minutes North of Ft. Lauderdale. Closed Novemeber 1999.

Davie Junction - Smaller dance floor. The floor used to be overly crowded. Wait - it closed - now it re-opened - whoops now it's closed, re-opened, closed for good - 2006! Looks like the web site is shut down also.

Desperado's - It Probably was the biggest club around Ft. Lauderdale. Closed September, 1999.

Rodeo's - Closed August 1999. This was a teen spot but they did finally get a liquer license. It was only about a mile from Davie Junction. Small Dance Floor.

Gone Country - In Davie. Closed in 1996. Seems there are more clubs that have closed around here than are open.

Normans - In Dade County near Joe Robbie Stadium. (It will always be Joe Robbie Stadium to me). Changed format to non-country in 1997.

City Streets - Not too many people knew about this club. It was country on Tuesday and Wednesday Nights for a while. There was swing dancing there on certain nights. Better call to make sure. It was closed due to Tax problems but is supposed to open back up. It is located on State Road 84 (East bound side south of I 595) between Pine Island and Nob Hill Road.

Coops Lounge - It is listed in the City Links as a country bar but I'm not sure when they had country there. I believe it was off of Stirling and Pine Island Rd.(Same as Palm Ave in Pembroke Pines).

Here is a list of Country/Western Dance Instructors in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

Check Out The Stars and Stripes Line Dance Team!

Check us out at HillBilly Rock Partying,
the Cajun Zeideco Crawdad Festival,
and performing in May, 98,
and in November, 98,
also at Davie Junction in February, 99,
and the Westfair in March, 99.
Recent Activities I've been involved with:

The summer of 1996 they taped several nights of dancing for the International Ballroom show at Pure Country. We all were in many of the tapes.  

Somehow I got in the TV Add's for Westfair at the Davie Arena. I've never seen the add but everone tells me I'm dancing in it. Also I was part of the line dance team for the Orange Bowl Half Time show on 12/31/96. That was a real blast. It involved Scooter Lee's dancers, two dance teams from Desperado's, and about 45 of us line dancers from around the South Florida Area.

April 2nd, '97 about 50 of us danced at the Miami Heat half time show. We raised over $7,000 for the American Lung Association (pictures to come - I know I'm slow at this).

In April, about 40 of Stella Cabecas line dance students went up to Nashville/Knoxville to tape some Club Dance and Wildhorse Saloon Shows. We had the spotlight dances at a show at each club. We did lots of sightseeing also. I'll put some of the pictures here when I get some time.

Nov. 7, 1997 we are on a "Country Dancing Cruise to the Bahamas". This is also arranged by Stella Cabeca. Hopefully I can get some pictures from it on here also.

Nov. 28th-30th, 1997: The Sunshine State Dance Festival was at the Bonaventure Resort. Three days off non-stop dancing and workshops. Guess who won "Division Line Dance Male Showcase - Overall Champion 1st Place".

August, 1998: "Boogie Woogie Boot Camp" was at a Holiday Inn in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Another three days of non-stop dancing and workshops. Guess who won 1st Place for the Dance "Buff Little Girls" and 2nd place for "Dangerous"?

Nov. 28th-30th, 1998: The Sunshine State Dance Festival was again at the Bonaventure Resort. Guess who won "1st Place - Line Dance Male Showcase". Here are some pictures.

February, 1999: Southern Stampede. Yet another three days of non-stop dancing and workshops at a Holiday Inn in Downtown CoCoa Beach. "PICTURES".

February 28th, 1999: Donna had a Surprise Party for Ken at Hillbilly Rock! There was lots of food and dancing... Here are the "PICTURES".

I'm also trying to get some exercise at something other than dancing: Here are a couple of pictures of a recent softball practice with me pitching, hitting, and catching.

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