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Last Chance-Country Classics

This page is dedicated to fans of the

Last Chance Band


Carolyn Richards

People all over the region love to hear Carolyn Richards' Last Chance Band. Her blend of old country classics and newer country favorites creates a special bond between her and her audiences.

Many have also purchased her album "Almost A Memory" featuring two songs not previously recorded and one recorded only in Germany. She currently has a song she wrote herself, "I Can't Tell Him Goodbye", yet to be recorded.

The band has developed a "Tribute to Patsy Cline" for their fair & festival performances. This emotional, narrated tribute features several of Patsy's songs and Carolyn does them well!

Carolyn Richards' Last Chance Band appear at fairs & festivals, fraternal clubs, private dances & parties, wedding receptions, and other events. They perform both country and gospel music.

November 2003

Carolyn disbanded Last Chance in August of 1999. She went in the studio and recorded a new "Tribute To Patsy Cline" album that includes her song "I Can't Tell Him Goodbye". She may reform the band, if needed, but plans to do her own show using soundtracks in the meantime. See her new website at for further information.

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