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DRAW STRANGER! The cowboy says to Dance ,Stranger!

For all you'd ever want to see about Chris LeDoux , (except for the real thing, of course) go visit these pages. There's not much sense in copying the same information so after goin' through 500 or so sources these here are the best.

Webster Definition for "cowboy"

Cowboy \Cow"boy`\ (-boi`), n. 1. A cattle herder; a drover; specifically, one of an adventurous class of herders and drovers on the plains of the Western and Southwestern United States. AKA Chris LeDoux

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    A Rather Sad, But True Story

    I'd like to smell the flowers down there in Baton Rouge and go for a quiet walk thru the Bayou I can almost see the gators scootin' into the swamp's cool water Oh,me Oh my-o! Reminds me of my kin, especially, my second cousin, on my sister Colleen's side, Len, who I'll never be able to forget. I'll always remember his green eyes, while I'm still cryin over his cheatin' heart. Yes, I knew he was doing the Cotton Eye Joe with anyone he pleased, but it still made me a little crazy when that cowboy rode off with my heart. I Still love that desperado! Even though, he doesn't think twice about me. The sweet sounds of banjos reminds me of that trip we took to El Paso. In that little Spanish town, he said, he only had eyesfor me. Even a thought of our faded love makes me break down and fall to pieces Can't help but wonder, if I ever cross his mind?Even if we'd give it one more try, he'd long for greener pastures. It wouldn't be long till he'd say he had to go. I told him that I would always love him. I only wish he'd believe in me. My friends say he's got a cold as stone heart. and he'll always leave me lonesome.but I remember how tender Len can be. I guess I'm really lucky.At least I know what love is. Maybe someday, I'll find someone who gives me that peaceful, easy feeling I had when we were together. Fact is, I've always wanted to see Phoenix Heard that they have a nice rodeo there. Everyone has some bad times in their lives. Some days are like diamonds some aren't so good. I have to believe that someday soon I'll find my cowboy. I have to join in the dance of life. Maybe it's time to get on the road again. Oh, no! Lookie who's a comin' Take me home, country roads!

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