Mini's and 2CVs : The Greatest Cars Ever Built?

OK, I'm back on the case with this, having just got a new password, I'll try and change a few things and add more though I am excessively busy being at uni in my 3rd year.... Dave

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Mini's and 2CV's : Two of the Greatest Cars Ever

Hello and welcome to a page dedicated to Mini's and 2CV's. This page is edited by 2 people, myself and Will. These pages work by me typing in italics and Will typing normally. I hope that makes some sense to you. This page is dedicated to Mini's and 2CV's (the cars that Will and I own).

I own the Mini that can be seen by looking at my page, and Will owns 3 2CV's which are on his page. Also included in these is some action photos of both cars.



Other pages to look at:

I hope you enjoy these pages and visit again, it will be updated whenever I get a chance.

Skiing photos for those that want them

Car of the Month: July 97

Dave Will

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