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Splash is a 1969 1500 Standard Beetle. Engine is a 73 California 1600 (AH designation), 2 door, hardtop, with a not so stock ugly paint job done poorly by someone in the mid 1990's. The car used to be factory red with a black interior. The interior is still stock with all original factory carpeting and such. I found some parts that someone had removed to place a larger stereo head unit and replaced them this winter (2005)

The second bug is a 1968 VW 1500, 2 door, hardtop sunroof bug. It has all the original equiptment down to the decals on the air cleaner and fan housing. The transaxle is now fixed but I had to order new motor mount bolts for the bellhousing. The body and frame, pans, and engine are straight, new and ready to roll. I just couldn't pass it up for the $800 bucks I paid for it. Sufice it to say the little wifey wasn't too happy with the new addition to the family but she'll get used to it as we now both have one to drive!

As for the truck it was my first attempt at doing all the work myself I'm still pretty proud of the old girl. I thought she turned out OK. See the pictures below. There's nothing like the satisfaction of looking in the garage and knowing you did all the work to make that truck look like that!!

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Splash and Me

Splash and Me

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