NOS Power... Burn Rubber

Phase1 Racer

This is mah shout-outs to all mah peeps out there representin tha realness.

This is mah pics page!!! Send me yerz if you want yerz here too!!!

Yo WhAt Up To Ya PeEpS cHeKkInG oUt MaH PaGe. I kNoW iT lOoKs PhUkKiN eMpTy RiGhT nOw bUt I Be WoRkInG oN iT fOr ThE nExT cOuPlE dAyS. I bE gEtTiNg A gUeSt BoOk SoOn ThOuGh So HoLd ReAl QuIcK kOo. PiCs AiNt In Yet So HoLd Up On DaT tO aIgHt. RePrEsEnT yAlL

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This is MY girl Jubi, aka Theresa's page.

KoRn'S PaGe!!!

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Please send it to Mah nigga Calvin, cuz don't exist no more.

peeps raced with me!!!


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