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I have a wonderful cause that is becoming near and dear to me also. It has become increasingly apparent to me as a Military spouse of almost 12 years, that the quality of life in the Military has gone by the wayside. Many Military spouses that I have met online from all over the world feel the same. We have banded together to form The Military Spouses Alliance to try and get our voice heard in Washington and see if we can halt the downgrading of our benefits. We have a page on the Web the gives a short synopsis of our goals and beliefs. It is called The Alliance Home Page. If you would also like to hear about the Commissary issue that started some of this fervor, the article in the March 25 edition of The Army Times, it has been reprinted . Please all you Military, both Active Duty and Dependent spouses, help us in this struggle and visit the sight and start e-mailing anyone and everyone you think will listen. Feel free to contact any of us on the Alliance Home page with any results, comments, help or opinions you might have.

I love to chat both at Parents Place and in a room on IRC called #PPRunaways, so if you ever want to find me look in those places. I am not going to tell you I'm not addicted to it because it wouldn't be true! Oh yes, I am now hosting a Military spouses chat at Parents Place on Thursday mornings at 10:00am EST so stop on by there and say Hi.

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