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Welcome to Tornado Alley!

WARNING: Wind speeds may reach 250+ MPH. Browse at your own risk.

DHMO kills!

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Hello! I am Tornado, and welcome to my home page. My interests include
Frames Free programming, electronics, medical science, meteorology, engineering, and
cats. My favorite pastimes are playing the drums, composing music, reading,
listening to music, watching TV, learning new things, surfing the net, eating,
sleeping, breathing, and thinking.

Sorry I haven't updated this site in so long. I've just been busy with other things.
Here's what happened to me in the last three years:

What's New With Me

Here are some of the other pages I have so far created. I have tried to keep
useful content to a minimum, in order to conserve bandwidth.

The Odd Meter Appreciation Page
Tornado's Hurricane Collection What?!
The LeMuR Page
GAME: SubIntima, the Journey Through the Human Bloodstream
My Current Favorite Color
Some of my other favorite things
My amazing Rubber Band Ball

Shadow the Cat's Homepage

Call Her Cyan!

And, of course: Crash Your Browser

Well, now that you know me better, let's get down to business. First, let us
address the question of why you are here. Is it because you share a common
interest with me? If so, then here are a few links that you may find particularly
pleasing to your cortex. And do email me, won't you?

Medical Science


And here are some mind-bogglingly useful sites.

Search Engines
Other Stuff

And if you just want to have fun, here are a few links you might enjoy.

Fun & Games
Hypertext Games

And for those of you who (like me) are just a little bit crazy, here are some
pretty wacky links.

A Little Weird
Pretty Weird
Really Weird
Extremely Weird

Gee, if you've gotten this far, you must really like my home page. If you have any suggestions on how I could improve my little corner of cyberspace, or if you have any complaints about anything (please, be gentle :) then feel free to drop me a line.

This page has been accessed times since August 9, 1996. I don't understand it either.

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