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AL|ENS vs PREDATOR is a collection of all known data on the creatures known as the Alien and the Predator. This web site is not dedicated to the up-coming Fox Interactive first person game, but instead about the creatures themselves. Only the canon sources will be considered, so all of you out there laboring under the delusion that the Predator's call themselves the "youtja," or that the Alien is nothing more than a "big bug" will be sorely disappointed. The comic books, the misc. novels, the conjecture; all of this will be ignored. Only the movies, their respective scripts and novelizations, in conjunction with documented statements made by the creative team(s) behind each film will be used.

The film AL|EN: RESURRECTION will not be used. But if it is, it will be used sparingly and grudgingly. The "Newborn" will not be mentioned. Or even substantiated.

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Below you can see the progress being made on each section. As they become completed, we will unveil them to the public. Stay tuned for updates.


This section will discuss the AL|EN in detail, looking at everything from it's physical characteristics to it's intelligence. Also, the hive structure will be broken down and analyzed, along with the behavior of each class of the AL|EN, ranging from the Drone to the Warrior to the Queen. Special attention will be paid to the development of the hive and how that relates to the life-cycle of the AL|EN. Further discussion will emphasize the remarkable adaptability and astonishing intelligence of the AL|EN.

The AL|ENS section will also house the United States Colonial Marine Corps and the offices of Weyland Yutani Joint Stock Corporation and those of Epsilon Eridani Multi-Conglomerate Corporation.

AL|ENS Progress


The PREDATOR section will contain information about their weaponry, along with information about their technology and equipment. The PREDATOR'S history will be examined from the beginnings as an "ultimate redneck" through the evolved sophistication of a "Masai warrior." Also, the PREDATOR'S strict code of honor will looked at, citing examples from encounters in Central America and Los Angeles.



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